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Memoirs and Landmines

I Remember Where I'm From

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Monosyllabic Girl
19 September 1986
american horror story, amerikanblackheart, ant man, art, bad astronaut, bad religion, batgirl, beard of shame, benefit cosmetics, bill murray, bouncing souls, call of duty, chixdiggit!, chuck ragan, coffee, comic books, dead to me, disturbia, dogs, double plaidinum, dr. seuss, drinking, el hefe, emma stone, eric melvin, fable, family guy, fat mike, fat wreck chords, final fantasy, fucking, gears of war, ghostbusters, ghosts, giant man, grandma's boy, green day, halloween, harold and kumar, hoss, hot water music, hustle and flow, i am legend, i drink your milkshake, i love lucy, italy, jack black, japan, jason cruz, jason segel, jason shevchuk, joaquin phoenix, joey cape, johnny depp, jonah hill, jonathan viner, joseph gordon-levitt, kill bill, king of queens, kingdom hearts, kissing, lagrecia, lagwagon, laughing, lisa simpson, little miss sunshine, lost in translation, love, m. night shyamalan, mac, marvel, midtown comics, millencollin, ms. marvel, music, musicians, nail art, new york, nintendo, nofx, none more black, nufan, nursing, old school, optical illusions, panties, paul rudd, peruvian food, philosophy, photography, pirates, playboy, politics, porn, ps3, pulley, pump up the valuum, punk, rancid, resident evil, rise against, roxy, russell brand, scarlet johannson, scooby doo, sex, shawn of the dead, she & him, shia labeouf, shin chan, shows, smelly, smoking, south park, spider-girl, star fucking hipsters, strung out, sublime, superbad, swimming, the avengers, the beatsteaks, the decline, the distillers, the gimme gimmes, the godfather, the ramones, the simple life, the simpsons, the smoking popes, the walking dead, there will be blood, transformers, trashed, vanilla coke, video games, vintage, vodka, war on errorism, wasp, wii, wilfred, will ferrell, xbox360, yellow, zombieland, zombies, zooey deschanel

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